I am from Lexington, KY where I spent the first 27 years of my life (minus a brief detour in Danville, KY while attending Centre College). I grew up in household full of art and intellect, with an architect, carpenter, and artisan woodworker for a father, and lawyer and amateur philosopher for a mother. I spent my youth split between the idyllic suburban dream and exploring nature on family camping trips. I also learned the joys of living off the land at a family friends’ farm and was first introduced to clay by another family friend who made his living as a potter. Seeing from a young age people making their living and their joy with their hands left a lasting impression on me.

My primary interest is in functional ceramics, with my focus at present being atmospheric firings. My mission is to use the accessibility of the functional vessel to introduce art into as many homes and hearts as possible. The utilitarian experience provides a powerful and immediate context for exploring life’s mysteries and truths.

I fell in love with clay while attending Centre College as a sophomore, and carried that love with me to the University of Kentucky, where I went on to receive a Bachelor of Arts in Studio Art, with an emphasis in Ceramics.  After college, I continued his education in clay by attending workshops withBede Clarke at Penland and Simon Levin at Arrowmont, both of which sparked my love for woodfiring. I also gained experience by firing various woodkilns in Kentucky, and by being an Intern at Kentucky Mudworks. In early 2015 I decided to dedicate myself fulltime to pursuing my art, and happily accepted a residency at Lighthouse ArtCenter in Tequesta, Florida. I also studied part time with and benefited greatly from the direction of Justin Lambert, with whom I learned in depth about the art and science of woodfiring, kiln building and repair, and the life of the studio potter. Through my duties at the ArtCenter, I learned a great deal about running a clay studio, and about teaching all ages. I also had the good fortune to assist workshops with Richard Burkett, Matt Long, Randy Brodnax, Susan Filley, and Lorna Meaden.

In 2017, I left Lighthouse to pursue an MFA in ceramics at the University of Mississippi, studying with Matt Long. I am living my dream.